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What is IC?

Posted in what is IC? on January 9, 2008 by icangel

IC or Interstitial Cystitis is a very real and potentially serious  chronic bladder condition.  Although very common it is still widely unheard of.  The  inner protective bladder lining of those with IC has been damaged in a way unknown to medical professionals at this time.  The damage in the bladder lining causes the toxins in the urine to irritate the underlying bladder wall.  This can cause mild to severe pain and inflamation along with the urgency to void the bladder of urine.  Some with IC can void up to 60+ times a day.  There has been no cure yet discovered, but many treatments to help keep symptoms under control.  Every case of IC seems to be different in pain and frequency level, even bladder size and capacity. Which leads medical professionals to believe it is not just one condition but possibly many making up the mirade of symptoms. 

 although there are many treatments which can help control symptoms which  range from abdominal pain to back and upper thigh pain, no one treatment seems to benefit all. In that way,  IC can be a very different experience for each person. Unfortunately the isolation and depression stemming from such a condition seems to be shared by each. 

   With the medical community still at odds over IC, its symptoms, diagnosis, existence and even definition, those who experience this condition are often left without answerer’s, understanding and treatment for their very real and often devastating pain. 

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*I am not a medical professional.  Any description of IC, diagnosis and common treatments are from my own personal experiences  as an IC patient.