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Quite Darkness

Posted in poems on January 10, 2008 by icangel

I sit alone where its quite, where the voices around me fade.

I sit all alone where its quite, and wonder when this debt will be paid.

Its only the quite which saves me when theres no more answeres to give, where no one questions my being and I can finally live.

I sit alone in the darkness.  Between the lines that divide.

I sit alone in the darkness. In the place where I often hide.

Its only the darkness which holds me,  safe from the cruelty of light. when my body can finally rest, and I’m not expected to fight.


Would Have…Could Have…

Posted in poems on January 9, 2008 by icangel

What if I had just turned left instead of going right…going over instead of through, could I have even reached that height.

What if I’d never worn tight clothing or  a wet bathing suit at all, what if I’d have always worn sweat pants and never used a public bathroom stall?     

Should I have gone on that diet, the one where you eat no bread, Maybe I shouldnt  have used spices and just used salt instead.

Couldn’t I just have stopped this before my life went down hill, I could’ve just stopped running and kept myself so still.

What if I wasn’t paying attention and committed some  medical sin, maybe I should have just peed anywhere instead of holding it in…   

Maybe in a quick moment my bladder just went bad, and the would’ves, could’ves, should’ves are all I’ll ever have.