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Article Link: Effects of Chronic Pain on Brain Function

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Mind, Body and Spirit

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There has been alot of modern day research on a belief which has with-stud thousand of years.  Yes, the dreaded subject for many…spirituality.   Why do people dread talking about it? I think the simple PC rule of politics, religion and money has alot to do with it.  But first lets put the word religion to the side.  Religion and spirituality have no place together.  To me religion is a mass belief, whether that belief is Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, Pagan…there are so many religions that sometimes its hard to keep track.  But Spirituality, by my own definition is own private relationship between the soul, the physical and he world.  It doesn’t always have to do with a any religious guidelines or books.  Not that there is anything wrong with that at all.  I try to accept people for who they are, not what they believe.  I could meet a christian who is cruel and cold and a pagan who is accepting and kind and I would prefer to spend my time with the pagan. In the end someones religious beliefs don’t outweigh who they really are.  Well…accept for those who don’t live within light and love… You know what I mean.. those who follow…bad things.  So now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I’ll explain what the mind, body connection means to me.  But a fair warning…If you believe that if its not stated in the Bible its dark and evil, your reading the wrong blog.  Its completely okay, but I don’t want to offend you.  but if you believe there are things, that are positive and good, not necessarily talked about in the Catholic or Christian church, please read on. This is only my view, the way I have lived for over a decade. And something that has helped me cope with a chronic condition.

In the recent years the majority of society has begun to open up to ideas that once seemed unspeakable. The idea that there is energy not only in personal world around us, but in the universe as a whole.  That we ourselves are made up of an energy that links us not only to the endless universe, but each-other. That once this energy that flows within us becomes unbalanced, we ourselves become unbalanced.  How about an example…when someone is spending more time on acquiring the physical they are not spending enough time on the inner being.  When someone is eating too much junk-food instead of eating the foods given by the earth, it affects the way they view themselves thus changing the spiritual being within.  The aim of living a fully balanced life, accepting the energy flowing around and within us, eating alot of what the earth provides us creates balance in our all over lives.  Much like yin and yang.  It is the same aspect behind the now popular exercises yoga and Thi chi.  Getting in touch with what your inner being in saying…sometimes screaming. 

I cant make the analysis that anyphysical ailment we experience is due to an imbalance within our being.  That for me would enter into the realm of my beliefs or religion and that is not my aim in this blog.  But I do believe any physical ailment can improve once we connect our mind, body and spirit and live in harmony with the world around us.  But on the same note, I dont believe that all medical conditions can be healed by universal energy, or Chi(energy which is thought to be the life force),like many people which believe in the “new age” religions(which aren’t really new age…more like ancient ways)  I believe in miracles, but not everyone gets them…that’s why there miracles. 

Then if there is no way to “cure” these conditions, why bother? Well, it causes one to look at the world in a different light. A more positive light.  Removing that which is only weighing us down.  North America is one of the only continents that has been Leary of accepting this different way of living.  I can certainly understand fear of change.  We all know it to some extent.  But making simple little changes in your day to day life can improve your all around being, and that’s a change we shouldn’t fear.  So how do we connect  all these different aspect of who we are?

Changing our eating habits can have a profound effect on the way we see ourselves and our world.  Eating things that have been provided by the earth itself.  By the same energy which flows through us.  Not only eating the earths provisions, but trying to eliminate toxins and antibiotics in our food which serves to positive purpose within our body.  Mother nature had provided us with game.  Chickens, fish and beef.  Although I am not a vegetarian, beef can be heavy and weigh us down.  It also can contain anti biotics and nitrates.  Reducing the amount of beef we eat and replacing it with all natural chicken and fish, whole grains and veggies can improve our health which improves the way we think about ourselves  and the earth which gives us a better connection to our inner being.  I’m not saying throw all the food in the house out, that’s wasteful.  But small changes like picking up a grain or organic veggie for dinner.  I also don’t think indulging in a good old hamburger and fries at the local diner is a bad thing.  We are human and to eliminate all indulgences would be ridiculous and almost near impossible. Even those of us who have to eat a certain diet, cheat once in a while.  There are also many natural teas and herbs that can benefit our body.  I will be posting those in another section.

Think about taking up some sort of exercise, even if its only low, low impact for only 5 or 10 minutes a day.  Great exercises which emphasize reaching beyond the physical are yoga, Thi chi, and belly dancing(which is very difficult for us with IC) I have done Thi Chi at times and I can guarantee that once you reach beyond the physical movements you can feel an actual physical energy.  A way to feel this energy without Thi Chi is to put your hands together and slowly pull them about 3 inches apart.  Once you fell the pressure between your two hands and resistance when you slowly move them towards each-other, move them out another few inches.  That is what is called Chi and with practice it gets stronger and more pronounced.  Now if you collect that energy and sweep it into yourself from your head to your toe, you will actually feel more physically energized.  This act is another mind, body and spirit connection. 

Mediation is a great way to expand what you see as your physical world.  It is also a great way to check in on the rest of your body.  By shutting of the phone and locking the door for even 5 minutes a day you can do a world of difference. Sometimes were so busy or pre occupied, the little pains our body gives us to get our attention get ignored or brushed to the side.  I will post a few meditations in a few of my next blogs. 

Finally realize were all human.  We all make mistakes, get stressed out and pick up bad habits.  We get sick too.  That doesn’t mean there is something so wrong with our mind, body and spirit connection that our body has forsaken us.  But making little changes, like a few I mentioned can help improve the way we think and feel about ourselves and the world around us thus making our pain not seem so overwhelming. 

I have integrated these things into my life, from which I believe I put myself into some natural short remissions.  But I do still take oral medications and use modern medical technology.  I think believing we will be cured by spiritual means is unrealistic and can lead to disappointment. It can lead people to never come to terms with a chronic condition, Which is a constant on going fight I have with one of my friends. Who believes if I dont wholly believe and hold onto the thought that I will be cured, I am playing a victims role and not accepting my condition.   These are ways to help us cope and connect with whats going on beyond the physical, not make us modern day miracles.  But with all that said there is nothing wrong with believing in miracles and hoping that somewhere out there is one for each of us.  I’m just not going to expect it.  I want  to spend more time making my life better, notonly dreaming of one.