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Been a While!

Posted in I'm Baaack! on June 4, 2008 by icangel

For quite a while I couldnt find my password and the new one wasnt working so I couldnt long on.

It was awful not being able to blog away my days. Funny how attached you get to your laptop or computer!

   So what is new?? I have stopped the Heperin Installments. They just got too painful and became more trouble than I could deal with for a while. On ocassion my Uro sneaks one up on me. I agree if I have nothing to do for the day but dont really get much breakthrough medication so try to avoid seeing my Uro on days I actually have a glimmer of a normal life.

     My pain has been pretty bad these days. I have gone through tons of medication options and nothing has really helped much. My Pain management Dr and I agreed that raising my extended release medication wouldnt be a good option so am searching for way to medicate the pain in non-narcotic ways.  I’ll post alot of the non-narcotic options for pain management a bit later on.

  My pain management Dr also suggested I see a therapist to deal with the psychological effects of dealing with chronic pain. Although I have been avoiding it, I know its a good idea. She has been after me to do it for about a year(maybe more) I know I get down much easier than I used to and have had a hard time adjusting to life without all the physical activity I used to be able to do. My pain doc also says that because I’m so sensative to medictions she would prefer to have those non-narcotic meds that are known to improve nerve pain like anti-depressants and anti-convulsants br prescribed by someone who specializes in them. Makes sense. Psychiatrists do specialize in psychotropics.

 When she stronly(very stongly..) suggested this a few weeks ago, I found that I got insulted. I know that she doesnt think I’m crazy or that my pain is psychosematic, but I still had this bubble of insecurity rise up and before I knew it I was saying things to her like…my pain isnt all in my head, I’m not crazy!  My Dr being very comapssionate and understanding only reassured me that she knew my pain was real which was why she was giving me such string medication in the first place.  But usually I wouldnt have reacted in that way so I guess it is time to talk to someone about depression and stress.

  I have been to therapy before…I am an american afterall.  But I also work in the field and hate admitting that I need help. You would think it was easier…Nope. Shame on me for that.

   So here I am at home on the couch for the uptenth day in a row. 3am, cant sleep and hanging out on the internet like its my only friend in the world.

 I have started visiting a health forum and although I dont post much about myself I like to help other people on it….come to think about it, I really dont post too much stuff about my day to day life even in my own blog. I should turn over a new leaf. It’s not as if I have to start revealing deep dark secrets although this blog would proabably get really popular pretty quick!  I did notice that my blog has been viewed 66 times(woohoo) now depending on how much of that is family checking up on me I have no idea.  But regardless thanks to anyone for paying even a minute amount of attention to my world! I also apologize to those who read it as I am a terrible typist and constantly misspell words and put marks where they dont belong.

  What prompted me to stop at nothing to get access to my blog again is that the medical forum I like to hang out on just started a new forum for Interstitial Cystitis. It is a forum that consists of a DR to answere questions so its not really for getting to know others with IC, but its a start. I thought maybe my blog will make a difference to someone who comes along. And if there is someone who can identify with anything or know there not alone, than it is worth keeping up with.

 Hopefully I can begin as much as possible again as I have learned alot of new information on not only IC but on pain management and the problems surrounding us with the management on pain.

  So for now…I will be making an appointment for someone to shrink my head and prescribe yet another pill that will supposibly help with the nereve pain in the bladder. I guess you can say that pain does come from the head in a way if you can take a medication that helps block the brain from sending a pain message to the nerves. Not sure that is the exact way it works but I know it is along similar lines.