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My favorite IC friendly foods

Posted in Food on January 17, 2008 by icangel

Food can play an important role in helping to control IC symptoms.  And although there are some foods that seem to be hard on the bladder for the majority, like acidic fruits, everyone is different.  A good idea is to start from scratch with the foods containing the least bladder irritants and slowly add different foods to find out which you cannot tolerate.  So before I list the good foods maybe I should list some of the foods that can cause a problem. 

Acidic fruits such as, oranges, apples, cantaloupe, pineapples, raspberries and cranberries.

foods which contain potassium, especially bananas, honey dew melon, avocados, Lima beans, broccoli, artichokes, soy beans, halibut and Salmon. 

Food which contain nitrates like ham, bacon, hot dogs, bologna, corned beef which is not homemade, most packaged lunch meats and some cattle raised beef.  Although may many foods can contain nitrates these foods can contain large amounts.

Dairy:aged cheese, sour cream and yogurt

veggies:fava beans, Lima beans, onions, tofu and soy based foods

Breads: sourdough and Rye

Meats: anything canned and processed, anchovies

caffeine and acidic drinks like soda, coffee, tea, wine beer and fruit juice

most spices and seasoning except garlic and herbs.


Because additives, antibiotics found in meat, and processed foods can irritate the bladder, it is important that anyone with IC eat as organic as possible.  Ii have even found that I cant tolerate store bought tomatoes but can eat my own garden grown tomatoes in small amounts.  Its all trial and error.  But eating organic food is an all around health benefit regardless of IC or not.

Some of my favorite foods are

Quinua(my ultimate favorite grain that is so healthy you dont even have to have a side dish) whole grain pasta, whole grain cuscous and white rice.  On occasion long grain brown rice has been okay for my bladder.

I’ve grown to really love chicken, especially with olive oil garlic and thyme.  There is also an almond flour that is so awesome as a crust on the chicken

Mt favorite veggies are green beans in a garlic olive oil sauce or with almond, cucumbers and carrots.  A great sweet side is to saute the carrots in margarine or butter and brown sugar.  It really helps when that chocolate craving hits, and not as bad!

I tend to love dessert probably a little more than I should:) My favorite is homemade wheat crepes with blueberry sauce(ground blueberries cooked down with a little sugar or honey and pushed through a sieve) also carrot cake, angel food cake with blueberries and oatmeal cookies.  I really love frozen yogurt and although yogurt can bother the bladder, frozen yogurt is more tolerable. 

These are only a few foods I have found that don’t bother my bladder.  As I said everyone is different and you may be able to tolerate something I cant. 

There are a few books out there that contain more in depth lists of good foods and foods that arent so good.  I’ll try and post them later as I’ve loaned them out to my father.