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The diffrence the internet can make

Posted in Daily issues, Uncategorized on June 15, 2008 by icangel

For the past few years alot of people have had to listen to me complain about the continued rise of technology doing alot of nothing.  Looking at those rants from the perpective of a daily internet user, I can see all my technology issues stemmed from the medical field.  The over used example of putting a man on the moon has been a favorite of mine.  There are people living on this very earth who have stepped onto a different planet and been able to feel our worlds advances beneth there feet.  Yet no one can fix my bladder.  When you think of modern day technology, all we can do and all that is on the horizon, it is popusterous that medical advances are unable to repair or reverse peoples suffering. That view of course leads right to possible spiritual or religious reasons for suffering. But although I often vere off topic and end up losing place of my origional point, I may defenitly add my probable spiritual reasons in another post.  But then there are all those PC views and topics I hate to avoid but have been so wisley taught to keep to myself.  I ask…whats the fun of keeping quite in my own blog. 

At least I havent sufferend long enough or become bitter enough as to start thinking consiracy theories…Since meeting a variety of different people who have been in pain for decades, many have become bitter to medical care and start to believe that there DR’s are only out for money and could care less as to fix the problem…presribing medication for pain brings in more money. I dont buy it…Yet.



Effects Of Chronic Pain

Posted in Daily issues on February 10, 2008 by icangel

 As chronic pain sufferers we’ve all figured that our off the chart level of pain must be damaging our bodies in some way.  After all how can one human being come through that much suffering in the same condition they started.  Whether that change is physical, emotional or mental, coping with severe or even moderate pain on a daily basis can be devastating. When I say daily I’m not convinced that people who have not experienced our suffering understand what daily includes.  Daily can and most often does include pain every moment of every hour of everyday of every month of every year.  Keeping in mind chronic pain is often a life long condition or disease. So even moderate pain that someone may be able to cope with for a week or so at the best becomes un manageable and devastating on a long term daily basis. 

I’ve heard chronic pain described in many ways to those who have not experienced its devastation. I think the most successful way I’ve heard it described is through a migraine. Most people have experienced migraine headaches in one form or another.  Imagine for a moment having a migraine.  You cant stand up, tolerate noise and may even vomit because of the pain. Now imagine that pain not going away despite turning off all the lights, taking any over the counter medication you can find and burying yourself in the darkest place.  You cant sleep because the pain is so severe and you cant get up because standing may bring you to the point of losing consciousness.  Imagine having this migraine for only one solid week with no break or medication to stop it.  Seem overwhelming and unimaginable. Well take that week and add months and years of a constant painful migraine.  Does the thought want to make you commit yourself to the local psych-ward? well, you’ve just understood a minute amount of what chronic pain can feel like and do to someone.  And no, its not an over dramatization.  In-fact you may want to add kids screaming at you, husbands, wives  and family nagging you to make dinner and the boss calling wondering why you cant come in to work.  Of course you cant forget the Doctors who keep treating you like an addict trying to score drugs and convince you your probably just depressed. 

There will always be those you don’t want to believe in what they cant physically see.  And its true that pain is relative.  My pain may be a level 3 on a pain scale while someone else may rate the same pain a 8 or 9 and visa versa. And while there are definite symptoms of pain such as high hear rate, blood pressure, increased sweating, hot and cold flashes and tremors.  Those stmptoms are not always seen as physical proof that someone is experiencing pain.  Doctors can mold them into symptoms of anxiety and even symptoms of withdrawals.  And there starts the on going battle of chronic pain.  That is why any scientific breakthroughs in the effects or damages of Chronic Pain are so important to those who treat it and suffer from it. 

With increased research and discoveries, more medical professionals and loved ones of people in chronic pain will have no choice but to pay attention to those who are suffering.  There are still countless people being refused pain treatment or under treated leading to continued suicides each year.  Even those who are lucky enough to be treated need more understand and support from doctors and family. 

When you suffer with chronic pain it is so important to surround yourself with supportive and understanding people.  Being made to feel lazy, guilty or bad for not being able to do the things that are difficult or impossible can lead to increased depression, anxiety and even suicide.  If you are a loved one of a chronic pain sufferer, let them know you want to understand as much as possible and that you support and love them.  While you may never understand,  letting them know you even want to  can make a huge difference in the way they feel and cope with there new or continued way of life. Chronic pain demands a change in life style and thinking.  Anyone in that situation needs all the support and understanding they can get. 

Menstrual Cycles

Posted in Daily issues on January 23, 2008 by icangel

For all of us who have IC, our menstrual cycles can be a complete nightmare.  As I wait for this months visit into hell to begin, I feel that these heparin treatments are going to make it that much worse.  I remember the days not to long ago that I was on Lupron.  The only good side effect of that hormone, no cycles.  Everything else that that hormone brought upon me was too much to deal with for a 28 year old woman.  Constant hot flashes, an attitude that could rival Dr. jeckl and Mr, Hyde ,  and the worst of them all a slowing of my metabolism to an almost stop.  I felt like I went to sleep one night at 128 pounds and woke up at…a higher weight.  It happened so fast.  I thought when I got off them, my metabolism would speed up, if not return to normal and the weight would just melt off.  Well I was sadly mistaken.    And the one person I blame…my gyno.  I made sure to ask her if I would gain weight.  Her reply?? No, hormones increase your appetite, that’s why people gain weight.  Well I didn’t eat a drop more than I usually do and infact ate less and better.  Dr’s never give you the full story and I for one am sick of it.  I owe my first born to my pain Doc, but when it comes to my menstrual cycle, IV pain killers barely take the edge off.  I remember one month where it too the ER 3 separate doses of IV Dilaudid to dull the pain. And unfortunately a trip to the ER every month is not doable, and can be more of a pain than a help.  Its like paying thousands of dollars for relief from pain you would want to slit your wrists to stop(only an example of how bad it gets, as I couldn’t ever do that, unless I was left in constant extreme pain without  help.  Although that does raise the age old question of why the heck does the ER have to charge so much?? Maybe another day in another blog…

So, what is one to do when the pain gets that bad and the only alternative is a state of menopause before the age of 30? That is what I’m struggling with right now.  I’m certainly not vein.  I don’t need the perfect body but would of course would like to keep myself as close as possible to my usual weight.  I try to exersize whenever possible and love to hike on a few trails where I live, I also do love going to the gym but I can usually only do these things for a week or two straight and at the most a month before I have to take too many days off in a row, never long enough to get back to as fit as I was before the nasty disgusting excuse for a helpful medication…Lupron.

  Ughhh…I think today is the day it will start…wish me luck to make it though…

Why is it called a men-strual cycle? Just a little bit to think about.