For the past two years I have struggled with a chronic bladder condition called Interstitial Cystitis or IC. There is alot of professional information out there and a few chat logs, but I’ve always wanted to hear more about what individual people are experiencing on a daily basis.  This is just that.  My daily thoughts, triumphs and struggles. I hope that those interested in IC stumble upon it, and one day soon this blog may turn into a more in depth web page somewhere.

IC or any chronic medical condition can be isolating and cause many feelings that not everyone can understand.  Whether your newly diagnosed, have been for years, want to understand a loved one with IC a little better or just want to check out what IC is all about,  all are welcome!  See just what avenues I have taken in my ongoing journey to overcome chronic pain.  Please everyone feel free to post comments, questions or experiences of your own.


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  1. do you happen to know any books or good websites with ic friendly recipes other than ‘a taste of the good life’? i’m a vegetarian and recently diagnosed with ic and i’m having a really hard time finding healthy but good variety…thanks.

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