Non-Narcotic Pain Management

****Like always I am not a medical professional. All medication information listed here is from my own personal experience or knowlege. Some information is also from the ICN network web site. Never take a medication prescription or otherwise without consulting your DR and or they are monitoring the medication use. It puts me at ease to always say this disclaimer but especially when talking about medications. This information is to only be used for general knowlege and not for the consumption of any medication without a DR******


I have known for quite a while about the management of pain with non-narcotic medications but up until the past 6 months, never needed to use anything more than atarax(hydroxazine) and pyridim along side my extended release medication.  So I thought due to my recent need for one I would post a bunch that I knew of. I’m sure there are handfuls of medications they have found to improve chronic pain but I honestly only know of the ones my DR and I have spoken about. 

Remember I’m not a medical professional these are only to be used for general knowlege NOT without a DR.

Of course the favorite of Dr’s who treat IC…


This medication is an antihistamine and is also used in treating mild anxiety. It effects mast cell degranulation which is thought to contribute to IC symptoms. It can help to decrease night time voiding. daytime frequency and decrease pain.

I personally really like this medication but it can make you drowsy so it can take a bit of time to adjust. I say worth the wait and extra naps!

An oldie but a goodie is Pyridim:

Which is uaually used to treat the pain and burning sensation that accompanies UTI’s. This is the medication that turns Urine orange. It is good at helping to keep bladder spasms and urethra pain with IC controlled during a flare or particularly bad day.

Although this is non narcotic, I believe there is a pyridim which does include a sedative. Dont qoute me on that. It’s what I have heard as I have never tried it.

Tricyclic Anti-Depressants:

These medicines when being used for IC are not being used to treat depression. The side effects of these medications may actually be beneficial to us IC’ers.  There used in smaller amounts to treat pain and work by blocking the bladder pain. They dont know how it works exactly.  These medicines can

relaz the bladder and dcrease the severity of bladder spasms, cause an antihistamine property with the sedating side effect of the medicine, delay the desire to urinate and block certain nuerotransmitters which cause the brain to disregard pain signals.

Then there are options like Anticonvulsants

Anticonvulsants have been used for pain for a long time. There said to help relieve nueropathic pain(nerve pain) While some anticonvulsants arent narcotic other like Klonopin are.

I have tried Topamax but had a bit of an unplesant side effect when my eye lids began to spasm. Not fatal but not really something you can handle for more than a few seconds at a time.

There is some information pertaining to muscle relaxants, but not the type I was expecting to see. I expected to see something like Soma. The listed medications were more like Atavan and valium. I have never tried anything like Soma for my pain. The bladder is a muscle.  I do wonder what a muscle relaxant like soma would do for IC.  I’ll try to research that more.

These are the medications that I know of that are non-narcotic and must be prescribed by a DR. There are some others listed on the ICN network web site where I got all the exact information for these meds but I am not familiar with them at all so will wait to learn a bit more before I add them.

I also will post some of the over the counter medication available which is known to help IC symptoms.



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