Using aromatherapy, music and candles during meditations

Throughout the past 10+ years of meditation, I have experimented with many external aromas, sounds and light.  And although these things can be a benefit when attempting to reach another level of consciousness, if you cant get a hold of them they are not required at all.


When I first started meditating I would use a meditation provided by a voice on a tape(now most all are CD’s).  In the beginning this was very helpful as I had little idea of what to do and what can be achieved during a meditation. 

    There are so many different types of meditations on CD’s available.  The best place I have found to find these CD’s is at a new age, holistic or metaphysical store.  I was recently asked a question that if there were meditation tapes available in a store that focused on ideas of Christianity.  And while there are, I don’t know where to find them except using the Internet to look for them.  But if you are christian, new age and metaphysical stores offer so much more than what people have been lead to think.  There are all different kins of stores.  Some focus more on Wicca beliefs while alot more focus on spirituality in general.    These stores also sell incense, herbs, candles, all natural bath products, stones and trinkets. If you have even the slightest belief that spirituality does not have to contain religious belief, then checking one of these stores out can open up a whole other world beyond the physical and mundane. 

Okay back to my topic…Meditation does not often pertain to any specific religion, while there are some that do, most are a reflection of the human mind, body and spirit and what our minds are able to obtain once opened without the judgement of our ego.  So getting these meditation tapes and CD’s from a new age or metaphysical shop is okay.  But some will not venture in due to personal beliefs and that is okay, you can find many on-line. 

Eventually through practice, you will be able to come up with your own meditations and what works best for you.  During a meditation you have come up with, or read in a book, or my wonderful blog:0):0):0) you can use instrumental music.  There are again CD’s made specifically for this reason.  But you by no means have to use them.  You can use any sort of soft instrumental music you find relaxing.  You will want to avoid any music with lyrics as this can break your concentration or leave you unable to focus on your meditation from the get go.

You can also use sounds such as ocean waves, heart beats and rain.  I would stay away from sounds like the rain forest or with animals on it because those sounds can be disruptive and again break your concentration and relaxation.  But if your aim is to just get to a relaxing state, then any sound you find very relaxing will work.   Even the rain-forest sounds.  Meditation doesn’t always include reaching a different state of consciousness.  Many, many meditations focus on learning to relax and lower anxiety.  Those are also great.  A good relaxation exercise along with sounds and music is under my post about color and visualization.  It is an exercise which focuses on releasing the tension your body builds up, from your toes to your head. 


Aromatherapy as I’ve discussed is a way of using your sense of smell to bring about certain thoughts and physical feelings.  Aromatherapy is used in many ways from relieving physical ailments and pain to helping open the mind and bring about relaxation in general and during meditation. 

There are many different kinds of scents used for meditation and in a variety of ways.  The most popular being incense or candles.  Some other ways using aromatherapy during meditation is to get an essential oil and oil burner.  By adding a few drops of essential oil to water and adding heat, you can fill a whole room with an inviting and relaxing sent.  You can buy or make pillows which contain certain herbs like lavender, eucalyptus and a variety of other aromatic herbs.  Aromatic lotions can be applied to your skin before meditation or taking a bath with aromatic oils, salts OR gels.  Another great way to use aromatherapy during meditation is to put a few drops in a vaporizer and inhale the aromas deeply.  But not all scents can be used on the skin and not all scents work best in a vaporizer.  A good rule of thumb is that if you can buy it in an essential oil and you like the smell, you can use it in an oil burner.  Also anything you can find in incense for can obviously be smoked.  But smoke is not always a great option as it can bother alot of people. 

I have listed some aromatherapy essential oils in a previous post and those can also be used in meditation if you find the smell to be pleasant.  I have a few more favorites that I find benefit my mental state during a meditation.

Myrrh:is used as a purifying sent.  You can use it in incense, burn the actual resin or in an oil burner.  I think Myrrh has a very Strong aroma.  Its really earthy and deep. I love it as an all around sent day to day.  And of course it has been prized for thousand of years for its healing properties when the 3 wise men offered it as a gift to baby jesus.

Frankincense: another wonderful sent.  Used alot in meditations to promote feelings of courage and protection.  But the sent brings an all around pleasant feeling.  And of course its importance throughout time just like myrrh, makes it a wonderful sent to use.

Amber: True amber resin in expensive as it is hard to obtain by those who gather it.  develop millions of years ago it is the fossilized sap of the pine tree.  But true Amber resin has a very beautiful and light sent.  It is said to help open the minds eye.  Of course amber like smells can also be used in incense, and although a beneficial aroma all around the incense is rarely true amber. If you can get your hands on true Amber resin, you’ll never want to stop smelling it. I cant say enough about this aroma its my top sent.

Ginger: Because ginger has alot of healing properties, using it during healing meditations is excellent.  It has grounding properties and is invigorating yet relaxing.  It can also calm the nervous system.  Confucius was said to never be without ginger at any meal.  This shows how long ginger has been used for its healing and aromatic properties.  You can use ginger as a message oil, bath oil or lotion.  But it can bring on skin irritation in large quantities.  I have used the lotion prior to meditation. 

Patchouli:Okay, we have all heard patchouli is the sent of the 60’s and can be used as an aphrodisiac.  But patchouli offers so much more as an all around calming and grounding sent.  I have found that its either a sent you love or hate.  But on my end, I love it.  And hey, if it was used by the hippies of the 60’s you know its sent was worn to bring about feeling of earth connection and love.  What could be better? You can use this sent, in the bath as a lotion, in an incense and oil burner.

Lavender: Cant leave this one out.  When you think of aromatherapy, lavender always comes to mind. Its calming and relaxing. You can use it in just about any way you want including pillows and eye masks.  Its a staple for anyone exploring meditation or general aromatherapy. 

Sage:  Yep, sage is a wonderful sent for meditating.  It is said that upon the ribbons of sage smoke your prayers are brought to the heavens and Divine.  Many people use sage wands to purify and cleanse spaces.  Especially before meditation.  I love the earthy sent of sage and use it often to cleanse my home. Ever time I use sage to cleanse my home, my cats get ultra happy and start jumping and playing around.  Its almost as if they felt more energetically comfortable and want to show me that its a benefit.  I only used to do it once and a while until I noticed how much happier they were afterwards.  Its like an energetic cat nip for them!


As I mentioned above, candles can be used for purposes of aromatherapy.  But candles also have many uses when it comes to the mind, body and spirit. 

Many people choose to use candles in meditations for not only there sent but color.  Just as in color visualization and chakra cleanings, certain meditations can be paired with certain candle colors.  You can use any colored candle you pick up from the store but again new age and metaphysical shops specialize in selling candles representing certain goals and energies from color use.   Unlike music and aromatherapy, candle use for mediation isn’t always used.  Many burn a white candle during meditation to symbolize the divine as white is pure.  But getting into the use of different colors can ger quite involved. 

I always generally use a white candle when meditating to symbolize the divine.  Mostly when I know I will not fall asleep.  For this reason, if you would like to try and use candles you need to make sure they are in a very safe holder and that your alarm is set so you don’t let it burn down.  I keep the candle on a table containing nothing else and nothing above the table.  But I would never recommend using a candle and falling asleep, so I cant say you should or shouldn’t use one during meditation. That is your call, I don’t want anything bad to happen.

Okay now that that is out of the way…if you think you would like to experiment with candles you can use the color list in the color mediation post and match up your goal with a color. 

During a meditation,  I often use my visualization to visit different places for relaxation. I like chakra and color meditations for healing but my favorites are using my visualization techniques.  I usually pick a particular sent, usually sage incense and light a white candle. I make little sachets filled with lavender and chamomile and place then on my chest and inhale them deeply. I don’t generally use music or sound but if I do its usually a specialized CD from my local new age shop filled with gentle instrumental sounds. That’s my favorite way to do them.  But half the fun in using meditations daily is to figure out what helps you open your mind and relax in the best ways.

Happy Meditating:)


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