Herbs can be great remedies for all most any condition that ails you.  Whenever herbs are taken you should consult your doctor or a certified herbalist.  There are some such as chamomile and marshmallow root that are very safe and sold in most grocery stores as tea.  Others may be a little harder to find or only available through an herbalist.  Today herbalists are becoming popular in many towns, cities and states.  Also, whenever you take an herb you should research the information pertaining to it. Especially those that act on the Central nervous system.  Anyone taking narcotic medications SHOULD NOT take any herb that can be sedating. 

I am not a doctor or herbal specialist.  I have not tried all the herbs I am going to mention.  But will make mark to each one I have used with a **.  Some can be found at natural food stores and health stores. 

**Yarrow Root:

Anti-Inflammatory; Anti spasmodic

Can be used for fevers, high blood pressure, intestinal infections, diarrhea, menstrual cramps and to improve pelvic circulation.

Generally used as a tea. 

Can also be used in baths to relieve aches and pains


Helps Irritable Bladder and non-reproductive coughs

Used as a tea.


Used for IBS, Arthritis, water retention, Adema and also used to reduce hunger

Used as a tea

**Rhubarb Root:

Do not eat Rhubarb Leaves

Used as Laxative, for constipation and feelings of congestion.

Laxative Wine: Warm a glass of white wine(do not boil) pour on to 1tsp. of chopped Rhubarb Root.  Add a pinch of Cinnamon.  Let sit over night.  Strain and drink.

White Willow Bark:

Anti-inflammatory, mild painkiller and anaphrodisiac(lowers sex drive)

Contains aspirin like compounds, but does not upset stomach


Calms nervous system, anti-spasmodic, anxiety, tension, headache

Years ago commercially made skullcap were found to contain Germander, which is poison. Always buy herbs from a reputable store.

Used dried Skullcap as a tea


Calming and soothing, anti-spasmodic, diaphoretic

used for alieving anxiety, irritability and insomnia.  Also induces sweating and lowers fevers. 

Old or improperly dried Linden is said to have a narcotic effect.  Throw away old or discolored flower.

**Valerian Root:

Sedative, nerve restorative, calms the heart and anti-spasmodic.  Helps with insomnia

Used as a tea

Cramp Bark:

Relaxant, anti-spasmodic, mildly sedative, cramping pains, muscle spasms, shoulder and neck tension and back pain

In large doses cramp bark may lower blood pressure and cause the feeling of fainting.


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