Aromatherapy Oils and Uses

Essential oils are not only benefitial in aromatherapy but are also great for uses on reducing inflamation on the skin and sometimes on cuts and rashes.  Not all Essential oils can be used on the skin or inhaled in the air and should only be used in there directed ways.  Unless you have allergies or sensitive skin aromatherapy in baths as well as in the use of vapors in generally safe.  This post is only for oils which are used in vapors and/or on the skin.  Although some mentioned below can be taken internally, I will discuss those in a different post.


Do not confuse with African Merigold(Tacetes) which is toxic.

Anti Inflammatory for inflamed skin.  Stops bleeding and also has wound healing properties.


 Great for use in combating stress related insomnia.

Use in bath, lotions and shower gels.

Roman Chamomile:

calms nervous system and induces sleep. Anti-inflammatory. Has anti-bacterial properties.  Prevents and eases spasms.  Good for skin Infections such as rashes, cuts and bites.  Reduces fluid retention and fevers. 

Use in Baths, Compresses(hot or cold) and lotions. 

Cinnamon Leaf:

Do not confuse with Cinnamon bark(part used in cooking) which can be an irritant when released by heat into the air.

Respiratory and circulation stimulant.  Great for chest infections. Poor concentration and helps lift depression. 

Use in compresses and vapors


Never use undiluted on the skin.  Can cause an increase in the skins sensitivity to light

Joyous and uplifting.  Also great for use with Interstitial Cystitis. Soak cotton in mixture of 3 drops bergomot and 3 drops lavender and wipe soaked cotton on opening or urethra to sooth inflamed and raw skin sometimes resulting from increased urination. 

The above solution is great in a bath also.  Bergomot should be used in a carrier oil(an oil which easily dilutes in water) when used in a bath. 

The sent of Bergomot also repels insects and worms.  And can also be used for vaginal itching and discharge. For that use see above solution.


Calming, relieves agitation. Has a balancing effect on emotions

use in oil burner and incense

Lemon Grass:

Good for headaches, lethargy and stress.  Used for muscular pain and also as a deodorant for excessive perspiration.  Used in vaporizers it helps keep pet smells in the home at bay.

Can be used in lotions, compresses and baths and vapors


Great for coughs and colds.  Chest congestion and sinuses. Used in compresses, treats muscle aches and pains. 

Use in Baths, Vaporizers and hot compresses.  Also wonderful when mixed with a little lotion and messaged into pressure points. Especially at the temples for headaches.


Calming, soothing and emotionally balancing.  Has pain killing properties for muscle aches and pains.  Helps with depression, insomnia, headache and stress

Use in any way desired: baths, lotions, oil burners, candles, vaporizers, shampoo’s and compresses


Do not use the oil from exotic basil which is slightly toxic.

Wonderful in a vaporizer for migraines.

Mix 3 drops basil oil, 4 drops lavender and 3 drops peppermint.  Place mixture in vaporizer and breath in deeply. 


DO not use if you have epilepsy or high blood pressure.

Refreshing, circulation stimulant. Used for muscle fatigue.  Helps with mental exhaustion and promotes mental clarity.

Use in compress, baths, vaporizer


Do not use in excessively hot or inflamed conditions. 

eases mental confusion, helps relieve fatigue and nervous exhaustion. 

Use in vapor form

These are just a few of my favorites. I will be adding more if people are finding them helpful.


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