Visualizing Color

It is believed that there are colors and energies flowing throughout the universe which can be drawn upon by anyone and used to benefiting the mind, body and spirit.  This idea is used in guided meditations which are alot of the same thing when it comes to visualization meditations. 

The idea behind this type of meditating is to  surround your body with these colors and energies in your minds eyes and/or see them entering your body.  Those exercises are seen as ways to help give your body the extra help it needs to heal or even to help combat anxiety and depression. 

I’ll start be listing these colors and its correspondents and then giving examples of the actual meditations.

Deep cool colors such as GREEN, BLUE and PURPLE are used to help calm and releive pain.  Also good for rest

Warm colors such as RED, ORANGE and YELLOW help purify the body and clear infection

WHITE and SILVER for rejuvenation(white can also be used to purify)

VIOLET, ROSE and AMETHYST are used to help calm anxieties and depression

BLUE: helps to clear infections

ALL HUES OF ROSE: to help embrace a higher sense of self

A simple meditation I like to do when I am not feeling well or experiencing alot of pain is color visualization.  It can be quick or long depending on how much time you have or how much pain your in.

I start by finding a comfy spot on the couch or in bed.  Whether your more comfortable sitting up or lying down, as long as you can get comfortable either position can bring benefit.  Make sure you will not be disturbed for as long as possible.  If its just 5 minutes that’s okay, that’s 5 minutes your now spending on yourself.  Turn the ringer on your phone down or off. 

Beginning with your toes, tense them and release.  Imagine all the tension flowing out as you move to your feet and then ankles.  Slowly move to your calves, tense and your knees thighs and buttocks.  Making sure you are removing any tense energy that you can.  Move up to your back, fingers, wrist, elcow and upper arm.  Continue tensing and releasing your shoulders, neck and jaw.  Keep in mind that if there is a certain part of your body in pain and you are unable to release some of the built up energy that’s okay. This exercise is done to help your body get into a more relaxed state.

Once you move through that exercise envision a ball of white light slowly moving towards your body.  It enters through the top of your head and moving down through every space in your body expelling any negativity taking up space from the day or night before.  This white energy moving through your body is pushing out the negativity through your fingers and toes.  Your body now feels lighter.  Do not remove the white light from your body as it is helping rejuvenate your energy and organs.  The white light Will dissipate whenever it is finished. 

You see another light coming towards you. Its a misy beautiful deep green.  It approaches you as you direct it toward the part of your body which hurts or aches.  The light wraps around this part of your body helping to relieve the tension and pressure.  It fills in every space in and around the pain.  Again don’t remove this light, it will dissipate when it is finished doing what it came to do. 

Slowly come back to your waking state by thanking the universe or your higher power for helping aid you. When you return slowly open your eyes and gather yourself before sitting up.  Before you sit up take a generalized stock of your body and pain.  Do you feel any better or lighter.  If not you can replete as many times as you like and can use a different color such as Blue or purple.  If you feel a bit better or even more relaxed note which color you did use so you can repeat the exercise when your ready. I find keeping a meditation journal helps me keep track of what happend during a meditation and what may and may not be working for me.

This is a meditation I like to use for my abdominal pain.  You can use the colors above for whatever you like. Infecions, headaches, colds…the list can be long. You can intertwine the colors or use them seperatly.  Whatever works for you.  There are no rules for meditations.

There are a few things I just want to add before you try this exercise.  During a quiting of the mind often thoughts come up that you do not necessarily expect.  Things to do, grocery lists…things that may surprise you.  Don’t try to quickly rush away the thought.  Acknowledge it and put it aside to deal with it later.  Also during meditations you may see different colored lights that you did not call upon.  That is okay.  Acknowledge the light and let it go where it needs to. Sometimes our bodies idea of what colors work best for us are different from our original thought.  Or your body could even be trying to tell you it needs a little extra help in an area you werent planning.  Its okay.  Its your meditation, anything goes.

And lastly, Its okay if you fall asleep.  Your body may need to the extra rest.  To stay awake during meditation takes alot of practice.  I’ve been meditating for 10+ years and still often fall asleep.  Our bodies know what they need and during a meditation tend to take it.  It is for them.  and in toady’s world we rarely put them first even when were forced to.


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