Meditation at its basics is an exercise in stress reduction and healing for both the mind in body. It can involve simple visualization or or be used in a more in depth way to cleanse and heal the body of negative energies which are seen as causing health problems. 

Psychologists have discovered that the brain is unable to differentiate between what is real and what is imaginary, because of this discovery meditation has become popular and important in the mind, body and soul connection.  Being able to quite ones mind enables them to also calm the body.  We are able to hear that inner voice that can never be heard over the noise and chaos that often surrounds everyone.  That small voice helps us see things that perhaps we are not paying attention to or even may not see at all.  Quiting the mind and body also enables us to feel and hear the signs that something may be wrong with our health.  Being able to feel where a pain originates and how that pain really makes us feel.  This is extremely beneficial to chronic pain patients in detecting a problem that may be new or increasing in severity.  We usually experience an extreme amount of pain from day to day that all pain yensa to run into eachother being masked by our other pain or medication.  Through practice and experimenting with different kinds of meditations we can also learn to pull back on our physical pain and reach a different level of consciousness.  Much like a type of self induced hypnosis, teaching the mind to separate from the pains of the body. 

Meditation also has many therapeutic benefits.  It is a time to ask our inner selves the questions we may need answered.  Or even play out scenarios which may be to dangerous to imagine at other times.  But ultimately one of the greatest reasons I find to meditate is getting in touch with my inner child.  You know that little voice in everyone that is pushing for you to get out and have some fun, be creative and just stop taking life so seriously.  Just because were all grown up doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be a time to play.  Visualized meditation can help us fulfill that need.

So it can definitely seem overwhelming.  All the different information about meditation, different exercises, different types.  Where do you start?

My recommendation is that you start by asking yourself what you are looking to achieve out of meditation.  Stress reduction, increased energy, healing.  If you can think of it, there is a book out there about it. One of the best kinds of meditations for stress reduction I’ve found  is a combination of color and visualization to some place…your happy place.  Color is used to add extra help in reducing stress much like the ideas behind aroma therapy.

For healing mediation’s the best technique I’ve found for myself is to use a combination of chakras, color and energy.  What exactly is a chakra? Well, chakras are seen as vortexes of energy each one corresponding with a certain organ in the body. They are believed to work on different energy frequencies and also correspond to different colors of the rainbow.  So in actual western words…there places throught the body which can receive and be cleansed of energies.  Each one of these places of energy is represented by a different color and each color has a different type of energy or “frequency”  an example would be that you’ve been experiencing alot of sore throats or even strep.  There is a chakra or energy point in the throat.  This chakra corresponds with the color blue and has a correlation with communication and self expression and is connected to the thyroid and parathyroid glands.  You would want to visualize that particular energy point  color enveloping the entire throat area healing and cleansing it.  Of course that is just an example and not an actual meditation exercise used for this problem.  Hopefully that example helped you get the jist.

I know, it definitely sounds confusing and strange to us western thinking folk.  And I wont pretend that it doesn’t take a bit of reading about them to fully understand there function and roles in helping our body heal and expel negative energy. There are books upon books and ideas upon ideas describing chakras more in depth But if you want to start with the basic ideas you don’t need to understand them in depth to receive the positive benefits.  I hope my description didnt leave you saying “what???” and now your more confused than ever.  Just take it one step at a time and maybe start with colors that benefit the mind and body(I’ll be listing them in another post)

I will try to give some in depth meditations in both simple stress reduction and ones involving chakra cleansing in some of my next posts. 

But if some of these ideas sound of interest to you your local book store should have many books on Chakra healing. 

My favorites are The book of Chakra Healing by Liz Simpson and Healing Yourself with Light by LaUna Huffines

One of the important things to remember in these meditations is that there purpose is not to heal someone of diseases or conditions but to improve lifestyles and over all mind body health. Which is the idea of healing the mind improves the body. Although I have not been healed of my chronic condition I have had many positive benefits in coping with my illness and pain in new ways. 

I hope you can find something in these meditations to benefit you Mind, Body and Soul


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  1. WOW! it’s really nice to encourage the people those who want to attend meditation sessions by introducing various interesting methods such as stress reduction, smoking cessation etc

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