Menstrual Cycles

For all of us who have IC, our menstrual cycles can be a complete nightmare.  As I wait for this months visit into hell to begin, I feel that these heparin treatments are going to make it that much worse.  I remember the days not to long ago that I was on Lupron.  The only good side effect of that hormone, no cycles.  Everything else that that hormone brought upon me was too much to deal with for a 28 year old woman.  Constant hot flashes, an attitude that could rival Dr. jeckl and Mr, Hyde ,  and the worst of them all a slowing of my metabolism to an almost stop.  I felt like I went to sleep one night at 128 pounds and woke up at…a higher weight.  It happened so fast.  I thought when I got off them, my metabolism would speed up, if not return to normal and the weight would just melt off.  Well I was sadly mistaken.    And the one person I blame…my gyno.  I made sure to ask her if I would gain weight.  Her reply?? No, hormones increase your appetite, that’s why people gain weight.  Well I didn’t eat a drop more than I usually do and infact ate less and better.  Dr’s never give you the full story and I for one am sick of it.  I owe my first born to my pain Doc, but when it comes to my menstrual cycle, IV pain killers barely take the edge off.  I remember one month where it too the ER 3 separate doses of IV Dilaudid to dull the pain. And unfortunately a trip to the ER every month is not doable, and can be more of a pain than a help.  Its like paying thousands of dollars for relief from pain you would want to slit your wrists to stop(only an example of how bad it gets, as I couldn’t ever do that, unless I was left in constant extreme pain without  help.  Although that does raise the age old question of why the heck does the ER have to charge so much?? Maybe another day in another blog…

So, what is one to do when the pain gets that bad and the only alternative is a state of menopause before the age of 30? That is what I’m struggling with right now.  I’m certainly not vein.  I don’t need the perfect body but would of course would like to keep myself as close as possible to my usual weight.  I try to exersize whenever possible and love to hike on a few trails where I live, I also do love going to the gym but I can usually only do these things for a week or two straight and at the most a month before I have to take too many days off in a row, never long enough to get back to as fit as I was before the nasty disgusting excuse for a helpful medication…Lupron.

  Ughhh…I think today is the day it will start…wish me luck to make it though…

Why is it called a men-strual cycle? Just a little bit to think about.


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