Endometriosis and IBS

*I am not a medical professional.  Any discription of medical conditions, diagnosis and treatment are from my own experiences and past reseach as an IC patient.  It is not ment to replace the advice or explinations from your Dr. 

Although there is no current concrete explanations on how someone gets IC, because there seem to be many symptoms not just stemming from the bladder and urethra, IC is seen by some as not being one but many diseases.  Some even believe it is a possible auto-immune condition in which the body attacks the bladder.   This may be why those with IC are more apt to develop other medical problems. Not everyone with IC has developed another condition, it is only more commonwith IC for some reason.   But until greater strides are made in the research and cure for IC, it is all just debate for now. 

Some very common medical conditions which can develop in someone with IC are Endometriosis and IBS. 

Endemitriosis occurs when the lining in the urerous begins to grow on outside abdominal organs instead of the uterus.  During a menstraul cycle the lining  is shed if not pregnant. In endomertiosis the growth of the lining on other organs does the same during a normal menstrual cycle.  This growing, breaking down and bleeding outside of the uterus can cause severe pain.  Scar tissue can also be formed making it difficult to get pregnant.  In some cases the growths may even effect the organs normal functioning.  Professionals are unsure of the causes of endometriosis, but know estrogen plays a large part.  Thus why it is developed in the years before menopause.  Normally the immune system would destroy any uteran lining found outside the uterous, which is why professionals believe someone who has endometriosis may have problems with there immune system. Diagnosis is usually done by performing a laperscopy to view the inside of the abdomen.  Because there is no cure for endometriosis, hormones such as deptovera and lupron can help keep symptoms under control.  In some cases the growths can be lasered off.  For more information visit www.EndoFacts.com

IBS is an intestinal problem that can cause pain, bloating, constipation and/or diarriah.  It is seen as a long term but manageable condition.  Like IC and endomitriosis the cause of IBS is unknown.  It is thought that perhaps a communication problem between the intestines and the brain occurs which cause muscle contractions.  IBS is the most common of gastro problems and is shown not to get worse over time although symptoms can be mild one day and severe the next.  Diagnosis usually involves a sigmoidoscopy and an overview of the persons medical history.  There is no cure known, so diet and lifestyle changes, along with some medications can control symptoms. For more information visit www.aboutibs.org


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