Heparin Installment #2

The 2 days after my initial treatment were hell.  I could definitely tell I had been cathed.  But although there was pain, it was not pain which spread.  The fact that it stayed in particular spots was actually a relief.

I was excited to go for my second treatment, but not using my brain I stopped off in he bathroom before going into the office.  Needless to say I basically lit my urethra on fire before I even had to be cathed! I suddenly realized they could have taken it out without having to feel the burn and wanted to hit my head against the wall. 

This time I waited forever, just when I changed my mind about going through this again my Doc walked in.  His timing always impeccable.  He must be psychic…

I tried to make small talk as he injected the lido-cane in but realized it was so uncomfortable that I no longer even heard what I was saying.  I hope I was making  some sense! The cath did hurt, almost more than the first time.  But I felt like it went quicker and I managed to keep my cries in my own head.  This time I got to see the heparin flow from the bottle into the cath.  I was surprised how fast it went. 

I felt a little more pain when he pulled the cath out, but that lidocane really does its job so didn’t want to fall to the floor in the fetal position, so thumbs up on that!

He told me we were going to do six in a row.  I don’t know what happens after those six, but I hope there is some improvement even if minimal.  I was so proud of holding it in for 3 hours last time( even if I took a little extra help in the form of a pill, its still an achievement in my book) that I told him I was going to try for longer and longer.  He burst my bubble telling me it was impossible for me to hold it for the length I was shooting for…8 hours.  There goes that little game I play that makes it more tolerable.  But as I type it is becoming harder to hold it. My bladder is not happy and its certainly letting me know.  Its been two hours, still not bad…

Well see how it effects me tomorrow.  It can only go up from here and at the very worst stay the same. 


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