My 1st Installment

The wait was long, its always long.  And the immediate benefits of my extended release medication were balancing out.  I almost wanted to ask to lay down.  Evert time I am forced to sit in a Dr.’s waiting room I wonder why they don’t have a few seats that are intended for people in my situation.  Big comfy ones that allow you to sink into them.  I guess there reserved for the Dr.’s personal office.

When my name was finally called  The nurse showed me to my exam Room and told me to undress from the waist down and the Dr would be in soon.  Oh, no…another wait. I absolutely love my Urologist but like most Dr.’s he’s always running behind.  I remember once waiting for an hour in the waiting room and another 50 minutes in the exam room.  That’s enough to frustrate even the most patient of people. 

When I was alone, I took the time to check out all the torcher tools they would be using on me.  The catheter seemed thicker than I thought it would be, and remembered the information I found in my Internet search,  explaining that IC patients may find the smallest catheter more tolerable.  I made sure that the nurse replaced the monstrous one with the smallest one they had.  My Dr. came in 5 minutes later and waisted no time.  He began by injecting(without the use of a needle)Lido-cane into my urethra.  I braced myself, bt quickly realized it wasn’t so bad.  The lido-cane seemed to work pretty quickly and the cool gel was soothing to my urethra.  Now why don’t they ever give us IC patients an endless supply of that stuff? 

My uro showed me the amount of Heparin they were going to install and said there were probably going to take more urine out than medicine in.  To me it looked just shy of 1/4 cup.  When he warned me he was going to start inserting the cath, I braced myself.  I quickly realized that the lido-cane whch soothed my bladder didn’t completely numb it out.  I felt like I could feel every inch it progressed until it hit my bladder.   My thoughts turned to how I was ever going to be able to cath myself at home.  But at least for now that part was over, and the nurse began collecting the urine I had in my bladder.  Which I have to say was nice for once not to pass the acidic urine through my urethra. That one benefit of Cathing myself may out weigh the pain of putting it in. I wish it felt that way all the time. 

When she reached the bottom of my bladder it did have a little sting, but felt more strange than anything.  My uro quickly installed the Heparin and lidocane and pulled the cath out.  He told me I seemed to tolerate the medicine and process enough to come in and get them as often as possible.  And although mt urethra burned and felt raw, I agreed.  He told me to hold it in for as long as possible and void it when I felt I had reached my limit.  I knew I had a 40 minute ride home and hoped I could make it. 

Well not only was I able to make it home without letting it go, with a little help from some extra medication I held it for 3 hours! It burned terribly to void it out and despite my extra help the familiar pain of the past two years returned moments later. But All in all I’d have to say it was a successful experience and hope that I fall into the 50% of those who eventually experience  a huge reduction in symptoms and pain.  Awaiting my 2nd…


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