Heparin Installments

So after two years of flip flopping between being active and being in bed, I’m finally going to be given Heparin Installments into my bladder. These past few months the pain and burning has been creeping up until it has all but over powered my medication to help the pain. 

   My urologist explained that he will be inserting a catheter into my bladder through my urethra(ouch!!!) and installing the heparin.  I am supposed to hold it for as long as I can, which I’m projecting to be, at my best, 15 minutes!.  Then letting it out.  He explained that I will have to come into the office 2-3 times a week for these installments in order to possibly build a mucus layer to protect my bladder wall. Although it could take up to 7 months, I’m crossing my fingers iy will be successful in lowering my pain to the level of a 2 or 3 without oral medication.

He said after some time he’ll teach me to do it myself at home.  Uh-wait just a second…you want me to do what? I can barely wipe myself without wanting to cry and I’m supposed to insert a catheter through my ohhh so sensitive urethra all the way into my bladder????????? I’d have better luck pulling my own wisdom teeth with any drugs!

So here I am trying to train my bladder to hold my pee in for at least 10 minutes, which isn’t very pretty.   and begging the powers that be that when I’m Cathed I wont want to throw up all over my Uro from the pain. 

Here’s to crossing my fingers…


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